What the Yoga Kumbh Camp at Kumbh Mela can provide

  1. Organised, hygienic and secure environment at Kumbha Mela

The need for revival of the Kumbh Mela kshetra for a more organised, hygienic and safe surroundings has lead to creation of a flamboyant ephemeral town along the banks of the holy river. The Yoga Kumbha 2016 camp during the Simhastha Kumbha Mela aims to provide a very hygienic and eco-friendly facilities to its participants. The accommodation being provided at the camp is environment friendly, clean and fulfills all the basic requirements of a modern devotee. From sterile bedsheets to sanitary toilets, specific attention has been given to make the surroundings germ-free for guests coming from across the world. The camp is within the Kshetra of the Kumbha Mela but still isolated and secured enough from rest of the Kumbha Mela crowd. Guarded area for the holy bath, hundreds of security guards to shield the camp area, security and drone cameras will take care of the safety concerns of the guests.


  1. Comfortable Accommodation

Eco-friendly and modern measures have been kept in mind to create some of the most comfortable tents at the Yoga Kumbh camp by Ujjain Yoga Life Society. 24- hours water, geyser, environment friendly air cooler and Wifi zone are some of the facilities that will be provided.

  1. Well managed facilities to hear lectures, seminars and attend workshops by great spiritual leaders and yoga masters

Yoga Kumbh has invited some of the greatest masters of Yoga, legendary spiritual leaders and speakers from across the globe, giving its participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to all the esteemed guests at one place. Series of lectures, seminars and workshops will be conducted by the masters to enlighten the guests and help them reform their spiritual paths. Such a congregation of all divine personalities at a single place is undoubtedly the rarest of the rare occasions to imbibe knowledge, grow and prosper on the path of spirituality for the devotees.


  1. Provision of vegan/vegetarian hygienic meals

The Yoga Kumbha camp will provide its guests with the mostly deliciously cooked, organic and vegan food. The nutritious meal provided will be satvik in all forms, thereby being freshly cooked and easy to digest. Hygiene will always be the prime concern in the satvik kitchen and some of the well-experienced and renowned cooks will be taking care of all the meals.


  1. An environment to learn, grow and prosper during the largest gathering on earth

The Yoga Kumbh camp will provide all its guests a golden opportunity to experience and live the month long celebration of faith in the most unique way possible. It will provide the guests an environment to learn, grow and prosper in their spiritual journeys and the quest to finding their true self. A chance to live the journey called life in the most beautiful way possible, away from all the worries of life and worldly pleasures, our guests will get the opportunity to experience the yogic lifestyle. They will connect with some of the most divine people on earth and feel the eruption of volcano of positive vibes in their surroundings which is bound to leave them in a state of bliss.


It is a gathering that the world will remember and coming generations will wait for it to happen again.

Author – Priyal Matreja

What the Yoga Kumbh Camp at Kumbh Mela can provide

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