The Experience of Happiness

Swami Anubhavananda believes in spreading happiness like the divine breeze amongst all who have come in contact with him. He delivers the most complicated philosophies in a simple and direct manner. In today’s complex world he is motivated to spread the spirit of happiness. Swamiji is the founder of the Sat Bhavana Trust, whose ‘Mauj Mein Raho’ logo reflects his approach to Life, “Be Happy”. His ‘Mauj Mein Raho’ audiocassettes highlight the message, “Happiness indeed is attainable in spite of all challenges”. He, himself is the best example of this attainable state. 

He marks to be an erudite scholar who has been honoured by a doctorate by the Inter-Cultural Open University of Netherlands. His Management seminars have gained popularity and he has been invited by prestigious organisations like Parle Biscuits, Bankers Training College (RBI), Yash Pharma, TCS, etc.

Connect with the ‘Be Happy’ Teacher at the YogaKumbha, 2016.

For Registration Ujjain Simhastha 2016 Visit:-

The Experience of Happiness

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