Yoga Kumbh Ujjain 2016


The adoption and practice of bhakti gives a new dimension to your life. It enhances your awareness about the presence of the divine and positifies your aura. Be enlightened about the relationship with God that is built on true love and devotion. Connect with the idea of the divine soul and build your personal relationship with God at the Yoga Kumbha 2016.


Kumbha Mela represents a festival of spirituality, divinity and adventure. The festival marks is success due to good infrastructure and psychological cooperation by the crowd. The vibes of all the devotees are divine. We believe that in divinity there is enlightenment and purity and thus we commit to provide you a healthy environment with the most pure vibes and energies.

Invoke the divinity within you at the YogaKumbha, 2016.


For Registration Visit:-

Yoga Kumbh Ujjain 2016

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