Spiritual quest at Yoga Kumbha, 2016


Yogi Andre Riehl is focused towards his teachings that preach building a holistic mind towards our life and our identity. He has been a diligent yoga follower from over four decades and is based in France. His teachings have been received in parts of Europe, Middle East, South America, North Africa and Far East. His teachings surround bodywork and energetical dynamism, development of conscious and natural breathings, study of the different relaxation levels and dream consciousness, intuition awakening and development of concentration degrees, mastered widening of the senses, Sanskrit chanting and inner silences and the study of traditional yoga scriptures.

Take a step towards your spiritual quest at Yoga Kumbh 2016.

Yoga Seminar Registration Visit >> www.yogalife.co.in/seminar

Accommodation Simhastha 2016 >> www.yogalife.co.in/accommodation

Spiritual quest at Yoga Kumbha, 2016

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