Take a Dip into Immortality

As per Hindu Mythology, the waters of the sacred Kshipra turn into elixir during Kumbha and a dip into these sacred waters allow the pilgrim to attain immortality. It is not only the waters of the city of Ujjain but the aura and the vibes of the city that contribute towards one’s attainment of ultimate Moksha.


Embark on a spiritual and traditional journey at the Yoga Kumbha, 2016.


Yoga Kumbha 2016 Ujjain – http://www.yogalife.co.in/about-seminar


Accommodation in simhastha 2016www.yogalife.co.in/accommodation


Holy Bathing Dates – www.yogalife.co.in/holy-bathing-dates

Take a Dip into Immortality

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