Honor The Divinity in You


According to the Yogic Literature, Shiva is recognised as the ‘Adi Yogi’. He is believed to be the first Yogi who shared his knowledge firstly with Parvati, his spouse and then he shared the knowledge of the science of yoga with the ancient Rishis. These rishis imparted their knowledge to the commons and spread the message of Yoga. One must understand that Yoga is not merely about poses and breath. It traces back to the science of creation; it is the ultimate possibility.


Be enlightened about the spiritual regime at the Yoga Kumbha, 2016!


Let Yoga Inspire Your Mind and Body

Source >> www.yogalife.co.in/seminar

Accommodation in Simhastha >> www.yogalife.co.in/accommodation

Honor The Divinity in You

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